March & April 2016

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March & April 2016

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Upcoming Needs:

NEW BUILDING: it’s very likely that we will be moving into a new building June 15th.  Be on the lookout for a list of equipment, renovation work and moving help that will be needed to make this transition positive for Ethnos. Join us in praying for the city to approve our lease so we can move in June!

Grant Writer: If you have experience writing grants or can connect us with someone who has, please contact us.  Ethnos is a mission church and we need to be creative with finding financial resources in order to pursue our mission to this city.

Non-Profit Organization Director: We are looking for someone who would like to serve as director of our mission, Antioch International Center, which we plan to open Fall 2016.

Summer 2016 Outreach schedule

25  Pass out fliers to Hillside inviting them to VBS
26 5pm VBS Carnival with cookout
27-30 1-3pm VBS in Hillside Community

23 or 24  Pass out fliers to Hillside and around Cass Street Park inviting them to Backyard Bible Clubs
25-29  Backyard Bible Clubs with Child Evangelism Fellowship at two locations: Carver Park 1-3pm  & Cass Street Park  3:30-5:30pm
29  6pm  Carnival for families who attended Bible Clubs

21 Community Meal
20 or 27 Back to School event with backpack distribution
Tour of Milwaukee

There are many ways to get involved in our outreaches!   Contact Angie if you and your church can help!

  • VOLUNTEERS to help make these events successful
    • Pass out fliers to Hillside & Cass Street Park area
    • Help at VBS – registration, set-up/clean-up, getting to know the kids, talking to parents, etc.
    • Help run games at VBS Carnival
    • We need 10 volunteers for the Backyard Bible Clubs – registration, getting to know the kids, talking to parents, helping with snacks, set-up, etc.
  • FOOD Help
    • Prepare food for VBS Carnival in June
    • Snacks for the VBS & Backyard Bible Clubs in June and July
    • Prepare food for the Carnival following the Bible Clubs in July
    • Prepare food for the community meal in August
    • Prepare food for the Back to School event in August
    • Would your church organize prayer teams to be praying over each of our events this summer?  It would be wonderful to have teams praying before, during and after each event.  The spiritual battle is fierce in Milwaukee, and we need all the covering we can get!
    • Basketball – there is a popular basketball court in Carver Park where many young men spend time throughout the summer.  Can your church put together a small group of men who could regularly go and play alongside these guys and build relationships with them?
    • Kids/Families – We are looking for small groups of people who would plan simple events for the children in Hillside once a week throughout the summer.  We want to build relationships with the families in Hillside.  And a regular presence of Ethnos and its partners will help us accomplish that.
      •  Ideas:  Bubbles and Sidewalk Chalk with a Bible Story, Face Painting with a Bible Story, Jump ropes & Bozo buckets (with prizes) and a Bible Story…
    • Tour of Milwaukee – This is an opportunity to connect young international students to the city of Milwaukee! There will be more information coming as summer approaches.

If you would like to partner with us, or can fill one of our needs, please email Angie or call us at 414-763-1622

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