Weekly Worship

Sunday Services

Services in English begin at 10:30am on Sundays, and Bible Study is held each Sunday at 9:30am in the Children’s Church area.

Arabic Services are held each Saturday at 11am.

Multi-Language Service

English is the common language in Milwaukee, but it’s not the only language spoken by a long shot. It’s not even our pastor’s first language. At Ethnos Church weekly worship services, you will hear greetings, prayers, & songs in many different languages.

What languages do you speak? Send us an email to let us know!

Prayers for All Nations

Every nation and ethnicity is precious to God. We spend time regularly praying for them at our weekly worship services, asking God to help us love them like He does, and asking Him to intervene in world affairs.

Diverse Musical Styles

Music is a beautiful reflection of the creative nature of God. He is the creator of music and differing musical styles. We worship together through song & music each week, and use different styles of music to honor each other & the creativity of God.

Teaching from the Bible

We learn from the Bible and listen for what God is speaking to us. And the Bible wasn’t originally written in English, so you’ll hear it read in different languages, too.


We respond to the worship & Bible teaching through communion: we follow Jesus’ example and share together in bread and wine*. These symbols remind us of the body & blood of Jesus, which he willingly laid down so that we could live. No one is required to participate in communion, but all believers are invited to.

Diverse Staff and Leaders

We intentionally staff for diversity, praying that God leads the right leaders from diverse backgrounds to Ethnos. We know that we’ll never truly be multi-ethnic if our leadership all looks the same.

Multi-Language Fellowship

Wherever you’re from, we value you and your heritage. We seek to understand various cultures by appreciating:

  • relationship styles
  • values
  • conflict-resolution styles
  • leadership styles
  • learning styles
  • expectations
  • experiences

*we actually use grape juice in consideration of those

among us who are overcoming addictions


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