Why Multi-Ethnic?

Our Times Call for It

  • Heaven will be multi-ethnic. (Rev. 5:9)
  • The demographics of our city are changing. More diverse churches are needed because diversity is growing and immigration is increasing. Immigrants are now more than 25% of the population of Milwaukee.
  • A multi-ethnic church that is both diverse and unified in Christ brings great glory to God, especially when when we love one another. (John 13:35; John 17: 20-23)
  • Many internationals are falling through the cracks of existing churches. There are groups of people who do not fit into the traditional categories of churches. Some are lonely and looking for a place to belong. Some seek opportunities to be understood and comforted by others. Among these are:
      • inter-racial couples and mixed families
      • immigrants (2nd and 3rd generation) who prefer speaking English
      • urban and suburban ethnics who appreciate living and working in the midst of ethnic diversity
      • internationals who do not speak English (usually 1st generation immigrants)
  • Many internationals who become Christ followers know well what it means to be rejected by their family and by society, as well as losing their homes and countries. Ethnos Church will be a family for those undergoing that kind of rejection.
  • Mono-ethnic churches in the United State often fail to grow, or even die out, because of their isolation within the culture.

The Bible Calls for It

Our seminal idea is based on John 17:20-23 and Ephesians 2:11-22. We want to see the people of God—people of differing cultural backgrounds—learning to be in relationship together in Christ. Only then can we witness the full light of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. “Go and preach the gospel to every nation,” applies to Christians of all nations (including Americans) and establishes the biblical principle that all kinds of people are welcome—and expected—in a healthy church.

The mustard seed in Matthew 13:31-32 is one of the tiniest seeds found in the Middle East. Just as a large tree can grow from a tiny seed, God can accomplish mighty things through faith, even when it begins as small as a mustard seed. We believe the mustard seed represents the divine beginnings for an Ethnos Church plant in Milwaukee. While it is impossible to immediately develop relationships with over 600,000 people who reside in the city of Milwaukee, it s possible for a few disciples to begin to move Milwaukee with faith.



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